We are excited to welcome you to what we believe is the future of online training platforms, introducing Knowledge Push.

At adaptiVLE, we have been building bespoke online training and learning environments for organisations and establishments around the globe for over 15 years. We have worked with many large organisations and platforms and we’ve seen a lot of great things over the past years, but we’ve also uncovered many opportunities for improvement along the way.

We began to realise that significant investment is often placed into establishing overly complex and difficult to maintain systems to meet relatively basic requirements. Whilst developing many bespoke systems, we began to visualise what a standardised platform might look like for training providers who are looking to get online quickly and effectively. Then…. boom in the space of just a few short months the world as we know it changed. Covid took hold and brought with it many challenges for training providers who had been predominantly delivering training via a face-to-face format.

So fast forward to today, we are proud to be releasing a standardised turn key solution to meet the common requirements of a training provider who is looking for an online platform that has the capabilities to promote course offerings, facilitate online sales/enrolment and train participants whilst bringing them back for more, time and time again.

In summary, we have utilised our understanding of bespoke training providers and built an online solution that we think your customers will love.

Get in touch today or jump right into the journey with our sample courses to see how simple it is to take your prospective customers from browsing, to buying to training within minutes.

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